I hold you, close to me.
I push you, shove you, into the wall.
I touch you, my hands on your hips.
I kiss you, on your neck.
I am intoxicated, with you.
I am on fire, so are you.

I undo your dress,
The little zip at the back,
I pull it all the way down,
I slide my hands in, probing, touching,
You are warm, soft, a treat to hold.
Your dress falls! To the ground.
You blush, step out of it.

We look at each other,
Our eyes meet, but don’t.
I ask, you say yes.
I kiss you, this time on your lips.
The fire! It grows. I think I’ll faint.
I am high! On you.

I hold you, you hold me,
The kiss continues.
The roles have reversed now.
You’ve shoved me, into the wall.
I don’t protest. I like where I am.
At your mercy!
I play with your hair. We dance!

You guide me, I guide you, till,
We are both in the bed, under the sheets,
I look at you, again, for the umpteenth time,
And I realize how lucky I am,
I see how magical the night is!

We take it slow,
One step at a time,
I grow in you, I go in you,
You hold me, and moan and writhe,
I feel happy, I feel pride,
We keep going, till we know ecstasy,
And then we sleep, like babies,
With not a thought, or care for the whole wide world.