It is weird for me that I have been obsessing over something as trivial, and permanent thing like the coming of Windows 10. It is weirder that I am actually writing about it.

See, I don’t write about tech, hadn’t thought that I ever will; but heck, here I am! I have, though, consumed tech, and so, I think, the progression sort of does make sense.

Windows 10 wasn’t news to me, till two things became apparent:

  1. The upgrade was free
  2. Word, Excel, Power Point would be built in.

And hence, the worry.

I am a Google power user, or so I like to think. The major reason that happened was because I decided to use Google Docs, instead of Microsoft Word. The reason that happened was because I did not want to use the pirated copy of Word, or buy the software. In other terms, the absence of Word pushed me toward Docs. Once that happened, I became delightfully aware of other Google offerings.

Somewhere around this time, my Blackberry died, and I had upgraded to my first Samsung. I’d root the next Samsung, the S3, and then I’d go on to buy a Nexus 7. I think you get the idea.

The proverbial last straw, the biggest commitment I made, was when I chose to use Google Photos, the newly launched version. For a good couple of days, it felt as if I had sold my soul to Google. Then, I realised I was overreacting.

Microsoft has orchestrated an awesome comeback of sorts. Something, I think only Apple has accomplished in the tech world. The revival would reach its summit, if they are able to get the one billion machines they are hoping, and/or, planning to reach with Windows 10.

Getting back to the worry though.

See, as I explained, I began using Docs, because Word wasn’t around. But the thought of Word returning to the fold is a little worrying. The problem is that Microsoft has embraced cloud, and so, every Google alternative already exists with Microsoft; in fact I’d say OneNote is far more comprehensive than Google Notes.

The reason I haven’t used the Word Android app till date, because it would have meant signing in to One Drive, and that would have meant too much work. But, and this is a big but, if a similar, and perhaps can be delivered by the Word and One Drive combination on the laptop, and the phone, then why would a rational me choose to stay with Google?