Work never ends!

There is this thing we do at work around lunch hour, wherein one of us (usually me) gets up, and says something along the lines of, ‘let’s get up, and go eat’, and someone else (let’s call them Mr. S/A) say something along the lines of, ‘give me five minutes to finish this super important thing off!’

No points for guessing that the *super-important* task takes more than the stipulated, and or promised five minutes. As I said, this is a regular occurring, almost a habit for us, so, it was no surprise when the same thing, in the same order ended up happening on the last workday. This time around, however, I scribbled down ‘No work ever ends’ in the already open Google Docs sheet. A couple of days later, here I am, writing on the same Google Doc.

Look around you, really, look; how many people of the above variety do you see around you? People putting more and more of their sentient hours to more, and more, *super-important* stuff. Super-important, my ass!

Let’s get this out of the way, right off the bat,




You can spend your entire life giving a hundred and twenty percent of yourself to your work, and still, at the end of your life, it would not be enough. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t matter if you gave a hundred and fifty percent, and so on… I mean, even Einstein wasn’t finished with his work, when he died. That’s the nature of things. The universe is too big, to really care. Life goes on, you puny little shit!

Now, that does not mean you should not work. Hell! Put as much of your life on the line, devote as much of your time as you wish to, to the work that you do, if you want to. I would be the last person to stop you from doing so. But learn when to say, no. Learn to take a break. No that things won’t just up, and vanish, if you forgot to show up. Know your place in the universe! You puny little shit!

Look at the good things in life. Look. Really, look. The world is beautiful! Open your eyes, or maybe not. Close your eyes, and let the world in you, let it flow through you. Spend some time with your loved ones. Care about your health. No point in earning an extra thousand. if you end up spending it on medicines. Go out on the road, I guess. Or not, it’s your wish, just take a break. Once every couple of months works for me. Maybe it would for you too.

Remember, you are a puny little thing in the grand scheme of things. Do the work as much as you want, but with the devotion it deserves. Because no matter what, work never ends.

People do. Lives do.