I had thought of exactly three different ways to start this post, before ditching them all to go with this one, which now that I look back at it, is kind of not so awesome.

In the last post, I talked of goals, about how they might have a possible negative effect on you, once you’ve gone past, or are just about to reach the said goal.

This, is me, talking about accomplishing one of the goals I had set for myself, and a sort of declaration for the goal I’ve set since.

It was almost a month ago that I decided to try something, to write something, anything, for the next month or so. They say it takes some thirty odd days for you to form new activities. There’s research on this stuff online. Plenty of it. You are encouraged to google it, read stuff. I was going to write, no matter what. No matter how tired I was, no matter where I was. And I did. As of this morning, I’ve written consecutively for the past forty days. That, matters to me.

In life, I think it’s important to celebrate both the good, and the bad. And I am very vocal about my shortcomings here, so, whenever I manage to do some good, that too, should go up here. Negativity sells, but you need happy endings too!

Today, in the morning as I looked at the numbers, I also decided on a new target, a new goal. That I would start hitting five hundred days per day. The last seven day average, which currently sits at 646, would stay above five hundred. I would write more, never less. I want to continue doing that for the next thirty days. There’s a counter that’d reset whenever I don’t hit the mark, so I’d know when I’ve done it consistently enough.

All right then, I think I’ve bored you enough. Please don’t run away. This Tuesday’s post would be different, a poem.

Bye world.