Well, I did say I might decide to explain what this was all about. So, here it goes.


Now, before I begin, I must say this, the paper wasn’t really working for me. So, I tore it off, and made a digital copy. With that out of the ¬†way, I guess we can move forward.

See, here’s the story.

I had a blog before this. It was called “First Time Novelist“. It did not have an About page; if however, I had decided to use one, then this is what it would have said:

This blog chronicles my journey as I go through writing my first book.

It is going to be a two month affair.

It is as much a diary, a journal, as it is a blog.

This is going to be spectacular!

I was going through the blog again, and boy, were those months I maintained the blog, awesome. See, here’s the thing; I was writing then, and so, I think the more you write, the more you write about writing. That was the point of it, or at least that’s what I think.

Between then, and now, however, a lot has changed, and not.

I started another blog, the one you are at now. I finished college, got my degree, started working, found love. The whole story changed, multiple times.

However, there was this one small little thing that did not change. I was in the second section of the book, when I left that blog. And, well, I am still here, in the second section, at the eighth chapter. And now, today, I think, it might be a better idea if I scrap this section altogether. Or not, because suddenly, it has all started to make sense in my head again.

Getting back to the picture(s) then.

The last book I read was “Linchpin” by Seth Godin. The one I am reading right now, and have been, since the last fifteen, or so days, is “Tribes“, again by the same author.

Now, somewhere, in one of these books was an idea of setting shipping dates for things. That, coupled with my mounting insecurities, and fears, about not being what I am, made me decide on what you see in the picture.

I set a shipping date for the book, that date being the fourth of October.

One way, or the other, I will be done with the book, as the day comes to a close.

But that is that. What about this?

I guess, it is the same set of ideas, thoughts, and feelings, as when I had started “First Time Novelist

I want this to be spectacular.

One way, or the other.

Let’s end at something from the First Time Novelist.

First time Novelist

P.S. I have really mentioned the “First Time Novelist” a lot many times, so go see it maybe?!