I drew that!

I reached a milestone with my last post here. It was my fiftieth post on this blog, and I felt I had to write about that; to commensurate it. It is important after all, to celebrate the big, and the small.

Fifty is not that big a number if you look at it that ways. It’s not a five thousand; or a five hundred thousand. That would be a number!

It is a beginning of sorts.

Back when I was about to begin writing, I mean, after I had written a few posts, I was thinking of the possible categories of posts here; the stuff I would be writing on. Back then, I was also thinking about the theme of the blog, the about page, what would go in the text for the comments section, what would be the sub-heading, what would be the heading…

Basically, about everything but the subject of the blog post.

I wasn’t doing any writing, I was just thinking about the dressing. I remember, one day, I was just walking, and thinking about the categories, and it sort of just came to me, that the more I wrote, the more categories would start popping up on the blog by themselves. I mean it would be easier to find patterns when there are a hundred pieces of the puzzle, instead of one. On that day, I decided I would categorize everything between stuff on writing, and the other stuff.

And it seems to have worked. It reduced the clutter.

God! I’m tired of sounding like I have this thing figured out.

The thing is I haven’t. Not yet. Writing part time is still a pain. I still need five minutes (sometimes more, sometimes less) of getting into the groove. I can’t just pick up the pen and paper, and write. It takes time. And when I do have the time, I always end up doing things other than writing.

I hate every single word of whatever I have written here. But, the only reason I am still doing this is today’s a Sunday, and a post needs to go up, one way, or the other.

This, is the other. The incessant blabbering of an irritated mind.

I guess I’ll write something else now. Farewell.

P.S. My sincerest apologies to anyone who had to go through this ordeal. I promise I’ll be better.