Okay, so I messed up this weekend.

See, it was my birthday, and a couple of other things, which left me with little to no time to write something. I know that I should have planned ahead, but that’s not me. And that is bad, evidently, as I have absolutely zero idea of what to write about. Of course there’s the list of the ideas, but there’s a reason why they are in a list, and not on paper.

There was this post I read today, about Adele; about how she’s making people buy her music, instead of streaming it. In it, the writer talks about her being honest about who she is. I think that goes for all of us artists out here.

And I consider myself to be one!

Honesty is important for us. Honesty of both sorts.

We have to be honest in the work we do, and we have to be honest about who we are.

I, for example, am, at least currently, not someone who can write a post each day. I just am not. I wish I were, but am not. I tried acting like one, for a bit, a little while back, and it brought me nothing but unhappiness, so, that is that.

I am being honest about what I am. I am someone who thinks, for a week, about what he’s going to put out. I think, and think, and think, and think, till it makes at least some sense in my head; before I begin to even think about writing.

I am also someone, who, on days like this, just sits down to write, and hope something strikes!

Today, it did.

I am also someone, who constantly sits, and stares at the screen, and hates every single word, every syllable he sees on the screen, and still writes. Bah!

Actually, many a times, I just sit, and curse.

But here’s the important thing, I’ve stopped presenting grand ideas of myself to myself. I’ve stopped living in the castle in the clouds. I’ve stopped dreaming about being a writer, and started to deal with the mundane realities of the profession.

And that matters a lot; for if you don’t know who you are, how can you ever know what the world is? How can you love it, play with it? How can you live?