The three of us stood on the side of the road, butter soaked burgers in hand, talking sweet nothings. The road was jammed, as it usually is. See, the road was not designed with this much of traffic in mind. I had no difficulty in imagining how things had continued to grow worse, since I had shifted here. Back then, there were not this great many families living here. Back then, it was fairly peaceful. Now, it’s a maze of sounds, and sights, bright and harsh.

I continued looking at a distance. There was a board on the opposite side of the road, announcing the food that was on offer. I was faintly aware of it. I was also aware, faintly, of the things that my friends were saying. And, I remember thinking that this should not be the way thing deserve to be.

I deserve more. They deserve more.

We share our lives with people, our friends, families, co-workers. And, when you think about it, the times that we spend in the little chit-chats, the how are you doings, is really time that could be spend in a better manner.

This is how the conversation went that day.

U: How are you doing?

P: Same, old. Job. Girls.

U: How are you doing?

Me: Same old. Job. Girlfriend.

It was during this time, when I had my fill for the day, and decided to talk about something else, something better. Really just talk about something. Something that involved words which were not ‘same’ and ‘old’.

Because, whether we admit it, or not, life is interesting. And beautiful. And fun. Just the power of our intellect makes it all worthwhile. There is so much to talk about, and so many different ways, views on a single topic. And still all we manage to talk about, are things that don’t really matter.

Job. Women.

Okay, you can put the tomatoes down, women matter. Love matters. They are the good things in life. Things that make life a little easier to get through.

Love drives the world…. something that I often say. Not just because it sounds cool, but also because I believe in it.

Moving on then.

I feel as if I’ve misplaced the object of this post. I do that. A lot more than I want to. I’ve misplaced the object. And now I feel as if I’m just doing this to increase the word count.

So, I’ll end things here.

The point of this post, I think, was to say, that we don’t have to go through the niceties whenever we meet with people. Friends. We can head-first jump to the interesting bits, and worry about the safety later! We can talk, hold dialogue. We don’t have that much time here, to indulge ourselves in the uninteresting stuff. We ought to know the people in our lives more. We ought to know what ails them. We ought to know what keeps them up at night. We ought to know what excites them, scares them, makes them happy.

They deserve this much. As do we.