Reminiscing about the past is something I don’t usually indulge in. Past, and future both should be left where they belong, which is, not here. Because even though the intent behind the deed might be nothing harmful, in fact the beginnings might well have been something great even, it all eventually leads to worries, mostly unwarranted in nature.
Usually. Yes.

I haven’t posted anything here in quite some time now. If you talk about the last time I wrote about writing, that would be longer. I had initially thought that I could write about writing even if I wasn’t; turns out I couldn’t. So yes, I haven’t been writing; stories. I have written poems, three of them in fact, though all had been written for people, and particularly so, hence, I haven’t been able to share them elsewhere. I have written other stuff, mostly snippets of thoughts, on paper of varying sources: diaries, notebooks, sticky notes. I have also been writing letters.
There is this list I have, actually I maintain many, but today was a long time after which I looked at this particular one.
Blog Ideas.

That’s the list, and boy did it need updation! I had at some sane, and inspired moment decided to come up with three new ideas per day, actually not per day, but rather per hour, in this one particular hour in the morning. So you can, I hope imagine the length of the list. There were these two entries in there: ‘Thank You Hyderabad’, and ‘When the most important lesson you learn in a technical session has nothing to do with technology’.

Thank you Hyderabad’ was added to the list once I had left her, and was in the train to Delhi.

The one about lessons was added after that fateful session. I used to blog during that time!
A little about the lesson then.

When there’s help available, you should not let your ego get the better of you. You should go on and ask!

It was the last day of training, and this was the last thing I was expecting to learn, and as I try to remember; this is perhaps the only thing I remember with this much clarity! Perhaps the first thing I’d say if you asked about the training.
Home is a wonderful place to be at. Those two months away from home made me further shape, and sharpen my concepts of home. Home, I realized was not to be anything physical, anything I could attribute any coordinates to. I could define boundaries, yes, but most of them would be logical, conditions in time, and state of being, that would say, ‘Yes! I am home’

Thank You Hyderabad I guess was going to be about this. Also, about finding Anya. Finally! You took your own good time babe!

I am not sure what made me do this. Perhaps that ‘Start writing‘ entry at the top of my ‘To Do’ list did the trick; but that entry has been there for the past couple of days. Maybe lists have a cumulative effect!

But I am sure about the effect this has on me. I am above all the rest of the accompanying emotions, happy. Because that’s what writing is to me, home.