It was a fine morning.

I was on the hospital bed having just been told that I had diabetes. That was a couple of years ago, in the month of January. I was scared. Life had changed, and how!

Two years later, I kind of feel its been a blessing in disguise. A lot of stuff has changed for the better.
The reason for this post is though a question I came across on Quora. So, I looked up for like fifteen minutes in the Diabetes topic, and could not find the damn question. Basically the question was about type-1 diabetes, and how the asker’s friend’s mother did not allow him to play, because the friend had T1D.

This is a part answer to the question.

  1. I eat well: As a result of the broad food-ban that followed, I curbed the amount of fast food, carbonated water I used to drink. Fruits sort of became the norm.
  2. Live well: I started working out. Though it’s still an on-off thing, but it’s better than anything I had managed in the pre-diabetic days.
  3. I sort of became the darling of the group: Friends don’t let me work anymore, and even though it does irritate me at times, not carrying stuff when everyone else is, is kind of fun!
  4. I discovered yoga: Yoga used to be more of an off, than an on thing. That changed. Now I at least sit for ten-minutes of meditation. It does at a minimum make the morning better.
  5. I’ll probably live longer, and healthier: Obviously I can’t state this for a fact, but all the aforementioned changes should contribute to a better me.

I can’t really think of something awesome to end this, probably I should end this with a promiscuous ‘Knowledge is the key!’