It was only yesterday when, while going through the blog, my friend looked up from the screen, and said, “There’s nothing about the songs here”
I was stumped.
There has been so much happening both to, and around me that I haven’t been able to actually keep count of it all. And that’s not all. I haven’t been able to maintain the schedule. Heck! I haven’t added anything substantial to the book. And each, and every time I try, I feel unable to continue; in fact I feel disgusted. Why? Can’t say.
So, when he asked me there wasn’t anything about the songs, I was stumped. Not because it wasn’t important, or unmentionable; it is both, but because, there has been so much I have wanted to talk about but haven’t been able to. I was unsure of what to say. I did say eventually, that I was going to.

The songs.
Each morning, once I’ve had the breakfast, I go sit at the second last, single seat at the back of the bus which takes us to our training location. I like that particular seat. I never change it. I began sitting there because of the air, the wind that blew in your face was uplifting, and a gentle reminder of the early morning run I undertook each day.
Yes, I’ve been running.
But now I like to sit there not just for the air, but also, for the songs. Each morning the stretch from Q-city, to the vendor location, those half an hour, or so, are filled with songs, our songs, our voices. We sing, mostly the classics, and even though none of us is really that good, we make do. I still remember the first day we did it, actually I don’t, but I remember telling somebody that one day, people would like to sit in the bus because of us, our songs.
That day did come real quick.


I am a creature of habit.
I am also in a state of constant change.

I am not sure if any of that makes any sense. Maybe, just maybe, it does. Conflicting ideas, can complement each other.
Back home, I had done a couple of experiments. The first one had involved trying to shut out the TV from my life. That had happened when I had wanted to try it out for writing’s sake. EPL, then, was the only thing I watched on TV. It has also been a month since I saw a football match. And boy has the feeling been generally uplifting!
I have forgotten about the second one. I do that, a lot.

Maybe I’ll write a short story next.
I will. I need to.