Remember the Benny Benassi song?

I remember going through the foreword/introduction of Malgudi days by R.K. Narayan, wherein he talks about how short stories are easier done, than a novel. Why? I’m not sure if he answers that.

The thing is, I guess it was yesterday, when post one of my ‘lets do some thinking’ sessions, I came up with something. But some background first. I am writing something, something longish. When compared to my days writing short fiction, I’ve realised that I am having too many unproductive days, too many brooding days.

Once, I began thinking about the earlier days, how I enjoyed writing stuff, these days, those moments come in short bursts, and burn out really quickly; the conclusion I came to was, that when I used to write those short pieces, there was instant gratification. I mean I wrote something, which was complete, unique, which did not require any more work. I mean it did not drag on, and on, endlessly, which this one does feel like.

And so, I sort of decided that this is the one thing which is missing these days.

Maybe, I am writing a little too slowly. I mean a hundred words a day isn’t something you can be proud of. But here’s the thing, finishing a chapter does not feel that great somehow. It doesn’t.

And I guess, that’s why we do not have that many writers┬ánovelists around.